Are you currently preparing and planning to migrate your data center to the cloud? Do you know what you really need to know to make sure the migration goes smoothly? Do you understand what all the risks and pitfalls are and how to mitigate them?

1. Understand the Industry Trends

Technology standards and trends are changing at a pretty fast pace. You probably went through a private data center migration just a few years ago. Today, with cloud computing services like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud all trying to grab market share, many businesses are now planning their move to this great new service.

You don’t want your business to be left behind, so you are looking at all of the benefits these cloud computing services can offer you. Many solutions offer robust security and compliance controls that have the operational processes, architecture, and policies in place to satisfy most security needs and business goals.

2. What Solutions Can Get You the Connectivity You Need?

Cisco’s product offerings have been at the forefront of this data center to cloud movement. They were one of the first on the scene offering the Unified Computing system, which helped many businesses move from on-premise to private data center solutions. Now, Cisco ACI offers another solution to help businesses make the transition.

Cisco ACI is a great network connectivity solution that will manage your network wherever your data happens to reside. Do you have security-sensitive data on-premise with servers in a private data center? And now you want to move some of that to the public cloud. Cisco ACI and help you manage your network connectivity where you need to.

3. Who Can You Use as a Partner to Plan Your Migration Strategy?

IT Connection is one of the largest UCS dealers in Ohio. We understand the advanced technology that goes into Cisco ACI as well as the processes and procedures that go into planning your migration to the cloud. We will help you understand how to plan your migration strategy, what the implementation will look like and how to configure and monitor the entire solution. We would like to partner with you and listen to your ideas and what you really need to make sure we come up with the best solution for your business. We work with all sizes of organizations, so no company is too small or too large. We have extensive experience working with Cisco products and services.

Our E-book ,“What Is Data Center Modernization”, will show how IT Connection can help you migrate, implement, configure, and monitor your data center/cloud hybrid solution. Download it today to see how a partnership with IT Connection can move your business in the future.

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