Migration to The Cloud

A few years ago, the private data center solution was all the rage. Businesses could keep their equipment and data off premise but still keep it private to their company. Now, public cloud solutions such as AWS and Microsoft Azure are stepping up to the plate to try and grab that market share. So, many companies are asking themselves which is better for them: the private data center or the new, shiny cloud computing solutions.

The higher-tier public cloud computing solutions such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud offer extremely robust security and compliance controls. They have operational processes, architecture and policies in place to satisfy the most security-sensitive customers. However, you still may need to be careful with which data you migrate to the public cloud.

The Hybrid Solution

A hybrid cloud strategy may be what you are looking for to give you the advantages of both worlds. Keep your most confidential or highly regulated information more within your control, but take advantage of the public cloud solution and all it has to offer.

Cisco has been at the forefront of this data center-to-cloud revolution. The Unified Computing System allowed companies to use the private data center to offload on premise equipment and virtualize everything, from the network to applications. Now, with Cisco HyperFlex solutions for the hybrid cloud, Cisco is helping businesses make the transition again.

Together with Cisco ACI, which manages the network connectivity between on premise, private data center and cloud, businesses are able to create a hybrid solution that will allow them to manage everything, from the core to the edge to the cloud, simply and consistently.

With the Cisco HyperFlex Application Platform, managing your application stack is easy. You will be able to deploy, secure, optimize, scale and manage all of your applications, along with the associated infrastructure. And Cisco ACI will help you manage the network connections between them all.

The IT Connection Advantage

At IT Connection, we understand the advanced technology that goes into Cisco ACI and the Cisco HyperFlex solution. We will help you understand how to plan your migration strategy, what the implementation will look like, and how to configure and monitor the entire hybrid solution. We will act as an extension for you and your team to help you migrate successfully. Our goal is to give you the knowledge and expertise needed to have a successful partnership.

Our E-book, “What Is Data Center Modernization,” can help you understand, migrate, implement, configure and monitor your data center/cloud hybrid solution. Download it today to learn more about data center modernization and how you could leverage it to move your organization forward.

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