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IT Connection understood the challenges faced by regulation, big data, mobility, and social media. Their team supported the unique security requirements we are faced with. Their proven experience was just what we needed to meet our dynamic technology needs.

Security - Financial Industry

It is difficult to stay on top of industry trends, but IT Connection was their with a customer solution that fit our needs.
Infrastructure - Manufacturing


We provide solution design and professional services for advanced Cisco technologies. We focus on providing the highest level of engineering services for the solutions we support. We serve as a valuable extension of your team to support areas that are not core competencies. We can deliver monthly support services and project-based engineering, customized to individual needs. We find that most companies have unique needs and being flexible is the best way to have a successful partnership.

Unified Communications

Cisco Unified Communications (UC) scales from the Small and Medium Business (SMB) to the Enterprise. UC can meet the needs of any customer that values Collaboration within their organization. What sets us apart is our passion for technology and eagerness to continually keep learning and improving.


The network is a foundational competency that requires expert level resources to properly design and implement a multi-application environment. Today, all networks big and small require the same level of planning to ensure long-term success.


Today, security does not just mean firewalls and URL filters. There are security threats in all areas of the network, both inside and out. The goal is to measure the potential threats against the potential implications of being compromised. When discussing security options, it’s best to be well informed and have accurate information before deciding a particular path. Security options are expensive, but security mistakes are even more so. It is critical to be aware of what is at risk and how to secure it properly. We provide security solutions that can meet all levels of risk mitigation needs.


In the world of servers and storage, there are more options and iterations than ever before. We believe that each business has different requirements, but in the server and storage arena, it comes down to performance, capacity, price, and return. We can help you navigate the solutions available and provide useful information based on your actual needs over your solution lifecycle.


Cisco Data Center solutions help healthcare organizations develop, deploy, and run their applications & workloads across the multicloud domain, while it constantly learns, adapts, & protects.


IT Connection is an IT and Risk Management Consulting Firm that specializes in helping senior management design, assess, deploy, and maintain secure and efficient critical infrastructures.

Our technology solutions focus on making processes quicker, faster and more efficient regardless of your industry. Our products and services help you plan, build, and implement state of the art technology solutions allowing you to optimize workflows, improve customer care, manage assets, and enhance mobile services.

Industry trends such as digitalization have created unique business challenges for companies in any industry. We have extensive experience working with customers to develop Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that help optimize processes from R&D, development, engineering, supply chain, customer service, distribution, and more.